Wendy Whelan: Restless Creature (excerpts)

5:18 | Published on April 14, 2013 | 1,271 Views

Works & Process at the Guggenheim presents a preview of Wendy Whelan's Restless Creature. Hailed by the New York Times as “America's greatest contemporary ballerina,” Wendy Whelan performs a Shen Wei solo and excerpts from her new project Restless Creature. Excerpts from a duet with choreographer Joshua Beamish and excerpts from a duet with choreographer Brian Brooks are performed. Interspersed throughout the program, Ella Baff, Executive and Artistic Director of Jacob's Pillow, moderates discussions with Whelan and the four choreographers of Restless Creature, Kyle Abraham, Joshua Beamish, Brian Brooks, and Alejandro Cerrudo, offering an inside-perspective on the choreographic process of the work, which challenges Whelan to work within a variety of artists' visions while finding ways to amplify her own vivid individuality.

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