Wah Nu and Tun Win Aung’s Inspiration

2:18 | Published on May 15, 2013 | 105 Views

Wah Nu and Tun Win Aung reveal one of their most important early creative inspirations, Po Po. A self-taught artist, Po Po moved from painting to sculpture, installation, and performance.

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Tun Win Aung: When I was in university, my major was in sculpture. Wah Nu was studying music. At that time, I was already part of the art world, as a painter. But I got bored with that, so we started thinking about our own way.

Wah Nu: At that time, we hadn’t any information or any magazines from abroad; it was very difficult to get those. Sometimes Tun Win Aung and I talked about artworks, or about his . . .

Tun Win Aung: . . . experience.

Wah Nu: Experience.

Tun Win Aung: Po Po.

Wah Nu: Po Po, yeah!

Tun Win Aung: Yeah. He is a very senior artist. For us, he is the one and only, a pioneering artist for this kind of work. He is also a funny guy! Because he got his degree . . .

Wah Nu: . . . in botany; he was a botany major.

Tun Win Aung: Yeah. So, he learned about art by himself. After the 1990s, I think, he stopped working with painting as his main medium. He played with a kind of sculptural or 3-D work.  And after that, he tried performance and installation. He was the very first Myanmarian artist, for us, to work with these phenomena. He did favors for a lot of young people, not only for us. He is a very kind person. His work is so smart. We thought his way was very interesting, so we thought we should do what he did.