Unknown Meatpacking District Film, circa 1970s

1:55 | Published on August 21, 2013 | 2,829 Views

When the Guggenheim Archives recently screened a selection of unmarked 8mm films, we were surprised by this discovery: a series of industrial street scenes from the Meatpacking District and Hudson River, circa the early 1970s. The film scenes range from manufacturing on the river, factory waste in the Meatpacking District, faint subway footage, industrial traffic, and, as seen in this clip, workers on the streets and trash cans. (Can anyone date the film based on the footage of the blowing newspapers?) Although we don’t know who made these films, the filmmaker’s point of view is clear, as shots of garbage and litter are interspersed with signs reading “Keep Our City Clean,” “Rubbish,” and “Clean up after your dog please.”