Louise Bourgeois: Interview with Jerry Gorovoy

2:07 | Published on July 27, 2008 | 180 Views

Louise Bourgeois’s longtime friend and assistant Jerry Gorovoy provides an insider’s view of the artist’s installation and performance piece Confrontation (1978). Gorovoy describes how the performance aspect of Confrontation gave life to Bourgeois’s sculptural forms and also delves into how the piece epitomizes her complex relationship with art history. By inviting an eminent art historian to participate in the performance, Bourgeois was able to poke fun at what she viewed as the vanity and pomposity of art historians, though she herself possessed a classical education and maintained a strong interest in art history. Gorovoy clarifies this seeming paradox by recalling Bourgeois’s insistence that art and art history be kept separate. For Bourgeois, art history was not necessary to justify the visual experience.

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