Louise Bourgeois

5:44 | Published on July 27, 2008 | 559 Views

Chief Curator Nancy Spector introduces Louis Bourgeois’s Confrontation (1978) as interspersed archival footage illustrates how the artist’s installation—an array of bulbous latex objects on stretchers ringed by an assembly of white, wedge-shaped boxes—also served as the stage for a performance at the Hamilton Gallery of Contemporary Art, New York, in 1978. Various art-world luminaries were invited to participate in the performance, which took the form of a fashion show of outlandish, semitransparent latex costumes followed by a confessional discourse in which the participants were made, in Bourgeois’s words, to “face how limited and uninteresting they are.” Confrontation and other works in the full-career retrospective Louise Bourgeois are “all about relationships,” Spector explains, and are particularly at home in the Guggenheim’s spiraling Frank Lloyd Wright–designed building.

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