Kedai Pati @ Pigeon Shop

12:02 | Published on March 27, 2013 | 558 Views

Roslisham Ismail writes: “Kedai pati (‘pigeon stalls’) are famous food places frequented by the working people of Kelantan. They got their name in two ways: first, from customers’ habit of dropping in for a snack before “flying” off elsewhere, and, second, from the stalls’ resemblance to pigeon coops. Kedai pati are an urban phenomenon found only in Kota Bharu, the capital city of Kelantan, Malaysia. They are inexpensive and usually open only during the day. The stalls’ owners are part of their appeal; like bartenders, they know their regular customers and are founts of local gossip. Some stalls are akin to social clubs, at which strangers become friends through the lively exchange of news and stories.”

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