John Zorn's Music Interpreted: New Works by Donald Byrd & Pam Tanowitz

5:33 | Published on March 1, 2011 | 5,671 Views

Choreographers Donald Byrd and Pam Tanowitz each created new works, commissioned by Works & Process, set to the music of composer John Zorn. Byrd, known for his beautiful yet volatile work, choreographed a piece with his Seattle-based company Spectrum Dance Theater set to Zorn's ∴, played by pianist Stephen Drury. Tanowitz, known for her unflinchingly postmodern treatment of classical dance, set a work to Zorn's Femina, written as a tribute to the rich legacy of women in the arts. Working with seasoned dancers, including Ashley Tuttle, Tanowitz draws from the sensuality, spontaneity, and fantastical imagination of the Romantic ballets for this new work. The performance was interspersed with discussion by Byrd, Tanowitz, and Zorn, moderated by composer Charles Wuorinen.

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