Jenny Holzer: For the Guggenheim

1:40 | Published on September 26, 2008 | 1,076 Views

Nighttime footage documents Jenny Holzer’s large-scale light projection For the Guggenheim (2008), which casts the artist’s own writings and selections from poems by Wisława Szymborska onto the newly restored exterior of the Guggenheim Museum. The fragmented texts scroll steadily upward over each of the Frank Lloyd Wright structure’s outer rungs like film credits in reverse, vanishing into the dark space above. Commissioned in celebration of the building’s 2005–09 restoration and in honor of Peter B. Lewis, a former chairman of the Guggenheim Board of Trustees who pledged a significant gift to the project, this transformative work illuminated the facade of the Guggenheim’s landmark building every Friday night for the exhibition’s duration. Holzer, whose work has reimagined and paid tribute to iconic architectural spaces throughout the world, uses the play of light and changing language to create a compelling environment for looking, discussing, and gathering in this site-specific work.

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