Revamps Video and Audio

Guggenheim Video

On September 9, the Guggenheim unveiled its new video section, which offers an easy-to-use and attractive way to discover and watch videos about exhibitions, artists, and the museum’s history and collection.

At launch, Guggenheim Video had over 100 videos, and more will be added as they are produced. Each is tagged and categorized according to its topic, helping users rapidly sort through the videos and stumble onto related clips. Explore the new section to see how the museum installed James Turrell’s Aten Reign (2013), watch past Works & Process performances, and peruse footage from the archives, like this short film of Hilla Rebay visiting the Met.

The Guggenheim also recently completed a significant update to its audio platform, and now hosts audio clips from exhibition guides, interviews, and other programs on SoundCloud. The transition has been a marked success: in the last month and a half, the museum has gained over 170,000 followers, exponentially expanding the audience for its audio programs. Popular clips include Ming Tiampo’s description of Tanaka Atsuko’s Electric Dress (1956), a 1969 interview with Peggy Guggenheim, and the audio tour segment on Aten Reign.

SoundCloud’s intuitive interface makes it easy to share clips with friends and to highlight interesting segments of an interview. Follow the Guggenheim on SoundCloud to keep up to date on new sounds.


Guggenheim Video

Watch HD video of exhibitions, events, and collaborations.

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