Two New Videos on Rineke Dijkstra Retrospective

In conjunction with the exhibition Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective, on view through October 8, the Guggenheim has produced two videos exploring Dijkstra’s work in photography and video.

In the first video, Jennifer Blessing, Senior Curator, Photography, gives an overview of the exhibition, which brings together 71 photographs and five video works, from the celebrated Beach Portraits (1992–2002) and New Mothers (1994) series to her recent work in video, including The Krazyhouse (Megan, Simon, Nicky, Philip, Dee), Liverpool, UK (2009). In an interview, Dijkstra describes the concentration required of both photographer and subject in creating the photographs, as well as her use of minimal backgrounds, which allow the details of each photograph to “tell a story.”

A second video focuses exclusively on Dijkstra’s series of portraits of Almerisa, whom the artist met as a child in a refugee center for Bosnian asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Listen as Dijkstra and Almerisa each describe the experience of taking their first photo together and discuss how their relationship has evolved over time. Almerisa also suggests that elements of the photographs correspond to her development from a young Bosnian girl into a Dutch woman with her own child.


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