Learning Through Art Relaunches Website

Learning Through Art Relaunches Website

Explore the newly relaunched website of Learning Through Art (LTA), the Guggenheim’s artist residency program that sends working artists into public classrooms throughout New York City. A rich resource for scholars, artists, and educators interested in integrating art into the classroom, the redesigned and expanded site promotes content discovery and exploration by making it easier to find teaching techniques, lesson plans, research studies, videos, and other educational tools.

Visit the For Educators section to learn about LTA and the resources it offers, including teaching strategies and best practices for using art to inspire discussion and collaboration in the classroom. The section features classroom videos and Find Lessons, a searchable database of lesson plans, as well as a list of recommended books and websites.

For educators looking for ideas and inspiration, the section also connects to LTA’s YouTube channel, an invaluable video compendium of classroom-based demonstrations and discussions led by experienced teaching artists. In addition to videos that spotlight classroom techniques, the channel includes full-length video talks by leading scientists, scholars, and policy makers who have shared their insights into creativity and arts education during Guggenheim forums and conferences.

Visitors to LTA’s video channel can watch Ellen Lupton, curator of contemporary design at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, discuss design and problem-solving; Michael Hanchett Hanson, a psychologist and an assistant professor of psychology and education at Columbia University, share his insights into creativity’s role in learning; and Shari Tishman, director of Project Zero, reveal techniques for using art to develop and enhance students' critical-thinking skills.

On the Research Studies section of LTA, a new search feature allows visitors to easily access PDFs, audio clips, videos, and other resources from the Guggenheim’s research on the impact of arts education, such as the reports Art of Problem Solving, Teaching Literacy Through Art, and Facilitating Creativity Study. The redesigned pages and streamlined navigation highlight key documents related to the reports, such as executive summaries, press releases, and news articles about the research.

The Workshop & Events page features a calendar of upcoming workshops and programs of interest to educators, artists, and researchers. The Past Events section is fully searchable and will continue to expand to serve as an archive of transcripts, videos, and MP3 presentations from previous events, including the Teaching for Creativity Institute held earlier this year.

Photo: Enid Alvarez


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