Guggenheim Store Named Best Museum Store

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Harold Loeb, Broom 1, no. 3, 1923

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Guggenheim Lego set

The Guggenheim Store was recently lauded as "Best Museum Store" in the Village Voice’s "Best of New York 2011" roundup. The paper’s annual feature highlights city landmarks from arts and entertainment to food and drink. In designating the store, the Voice enthused on popular products such as Buckyballs, Slapwatch, the new Graf & Lantz felt iPad sleeve, and the Guggenheim Lego set, noting that the store “places at least as much emphasis on architecture and innovative design as [the museum] does on the Kandinsky masterpieces found just a ways up the circular rotunda.” View the store hours and location.

The distinction comes on the heels of the recent relaunch of, which was redesigned for cleaner presentation, easier browsing, and enhanced product views. The new online store also features Guggenheim Studio products, a select collection of textiles, tabletop objects, and jewelry by artisans from around the world representing the best in innovative and socially responsible design. Visit the online store now.