Three New Videos on the Lee Ufan Exhibition Site

Three new videos having been added to the exhibition site for Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity, documenting the artist installing works in the Guggenheim's rotunda and galleries. Guggenheim curators and conservation staff were on hand for the installation of the exhibition and captured Lee refabricating his works Dialogue–space (2009/11), Relatum (formerly Phenomena and Perception B) (1968/2011), and Relatum-cotton wall (formerly Structure B) (1969).

Among Lee's foremost works from his Mono-ha period, Relatum (formerly Phenomena and Perception B) (2011) incorporates a rock and a pane of glass placed above a sheet of rolled steel. The performative aspect of the piece is recorded as the cracked glass spreads from where Lee chose to drop the rock. In the video above, Lee recreats this work onsite at the Guggenheim in front of an audience of curators, family, friends, and guests.

To see videos of Lee's process for the other works, visit the Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity exhibition site.


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