Guggenheim Forum "On Repeat" Launches


The latest installment of the Guggenheim Forum, titled On Repeat, takes place June 21–25, and brings together thinkers from a variety of fields to discuss the draw of repetition and reiteration in both life and art. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance, Forum participants will examine whether modern times are obsessive-compulsive; whether our psyches really require us to reenact traumatic events; why reenactment has become an important device in contemporary art and the remake a ubiquitous feature of Hollywood; and how, among all artistic mediums, music’s relationship to repetition may be unique.

Forum participants include Drew Daniel, assistant professor of English literature at Johns Hopkins University and member of the electronic-music duo Matmos; performance art and theater director John Malpede; and Amy Taubin, film critic and contributing editor for Sight and Sound and Film Comment. Simon During, professor at the Centre for the History of European Discourses at the University of Queensland, serves as moderator and will host a one-hour live chat on Thursday, June 24, at 3 pm EDT.

Visit the Forum beginning Monday, June 21, to learn more and voice your opinions.

Guggenheim Forum is a continuing series of moderated online discussions catalyzing intelligent conversation on the arts, architecture, and design. Several times each year, experts from a variety of fields inquire into and debate topics related to the museum’s exhibition program.


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