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For the special exhibition Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance, the Guggenheim has produced a video in which curators Jennifer Blessing and Nat Trotman discuss major themes of the show and selected artists speak about their work.

Introducing themes such as landscape, architecture and the passage of time; documentation and reiteration; and trauma and the uncanny, the curators highlight works by artists such as Tacita Dean, An-My Lê, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, and others. Haunted reveals how much of contemporary photography and video seems haunted by the past, by ghostly apparitions that are reanimated in reproductive media, in live performance, and in the virtual world. In discussing the exhibition, Jennifer Blessing, Curator of Photography says, "We are specifically interested in how technologies like photographs show us the past in the present; they seem to haunt us because we see so viscerally today what happened in the past."

Interviews with selected artists Sarah Charlesworth, Karl Haendel, Sarah Anne Johnson, and Susan Philipsz provide further insight into their work and its inclusion within Haunted’s framework.

For further information on Haunted, visit the online exhibition.


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