Guggenheim Children's Book Reissued

I’d Like the Goo-Gen-Heim

First published in 1970, A. C. Hollingsworth’s I’d Like the Goo-Gen-Heim is a timeless introduction to modern art for young readers. Now available in a new edition, the colorful book introduces Andy, an inquisitive young boy who wanders away from his napping father in Central Park. Stumbling upon the impressive shape of the Guggenheim Museum, he asks a passerby what this beautiful building could be, and sounds it out for himself: “Goo-Gen-Heim.” Once inside, Andy is mesmerized by the seemingly endless ramps filled with artworks by Kandinsky, Kline, Léger, and Picasso.

Hollingsworth, an artist and teacher, had a special affinity for the iconic architecture of the Guggenheim Museum. During the museum’s construction in the late 1950s he produced a series of paintings illustrating its many building stages. Long out of print, the book was recently discovered at a library sale and reprinted with the approval of his widow.

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