The Take: What and Why?

YouTube Play
By Hanne Mugaas
July 15, 2010

The Take is a blog created by the Guggenheim and inspired by YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video. On it, you’ll find writing by experts, scholars, and artists from the worlds of film, video, and Internet culture. The Take will feature discussions on digital content, the history of video art, and online video and its effects on art and life.

This summer, we’ll update the blog weekly with brief reflections on myriad subjects like the history of Internet and video art, the distribution of information in an era of instant access to global audiences, video sharing before there was YouTube, online identity and vlogging, how museums and art institutions treat online video, artists’ uses of the Web, the cat meme on the Internet, and GIFs as artworks, among many others. Artists will share their favorite YouTube videos, and we will feature interviews with people who have made important contributions to life online.

We hope the Take will stimulate discussion well beyond our guest bloggers. Please voice your opinions and share your thoughts by commenting on the posts, and visit us often.

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