Moving Images
My Three Favorite YouTube Videos

"Video Annoucement for My Show": Made by Parinaz Mogadassi after many many studio visits this summer. Completely nails the mashup that is my current show at Gavin Brown's enterprise and Maccarone but provides a youth and personal vision that I would never be able do if I had made it myself. And we already have 1,141 hits!

Someday Soon

The first time you see the signs of a generational shift in someone younger than yourself, it’s both a shock and an almost material difference. Which is ironic when pretty much all the indicators of this difference are contained in this younger generation’s aptitude in managing the immaterial, their digital dexterity. After this it’s not like you want to hang on to anything analogue (like books, for example), just for the sake of it.

Play with Form

Thumbs up or down, share, replay, save to playlist, recommend—these actions are the building blocks of YouTube’s functionality. While YouTube Play focuses on YouTube as a means of presentation and distribution, there are a number of artists whose work engages the form of the site itself. Functional elements such as the frame, the underlying structure, and the overall aesthetics of YouTube are the subject of a critical and growing body of work, highlighted in the following examples.

Oberlin Confessional

A dark force had overtaken our sleepy Midwestern college town. Something wicked this way came, distracting even the most studious members of our liberal arts fiefdom, disturbing the peaceful weed-smoking circle beneath the gnarled oak known as the “wisdom tree.” Flautists put down their instruments, and hacky sacks stopped in midair. The Grendel-monster in our midst was a “confessional” website started by some pimply freshman with an unholy knowledge of HTML.

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