October 06, 2010

"Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina Answers a Question":

"I personally believe that, US Americans, Like everyone born after such dates beyond last, yet after 2001, might have recycled such past lives fast enough to show evidence of conjugated frontal memory exchange: As in, such abilities needed but not had: Must be applied were as to interpret ideological compression of such US American based Groups."

This Quote, which was potentially said by Miss Teen South Carolina, written for her by an ambient agent, is fairly successful and I strongly agree with the gist of this statement. Which I understand to mean: Memory is contagious, Momentum is worthy, and if we don't learn how to curate and customize personal flow . . . we might just Digi-Loop Humanity into something language will wear as an accessory. Which might be cute: As a stepping stone. Either way Intelligence is in the air: Total Recall and then Edit.

"Baby Eating Chili to Dubstep" might be an example of a child in touch with some Recall issues. Watch this Rock'n Roll body language rhetoric from a past life with a present channel. Authenticity is sexy and cute when it's a time-share searching for a reference point.

"Grubbin in the Garden with the Garden Kid: The Edible Landscape" is also very compressive. When an eight year old remembers being eight years old for her iMovie: The adult stuck in this cute little face might have mothered herself. Or at least she's so far out she can remember her present from an edible state.

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