My Three Favorite YouTube Videos

September 16, 2010

"Video Annoucement for My Show": Made by Parinaz Mogadassi after many many studio visits this summer. Completely nails the mashup that is my current show at Gavin Brown's enterprise and Maccarone but provides a youth and personal vision that I would never be able do if I had made it myself. And we already have 1,141 hits!

"Teenage Boy in Town": Knowing all the details about IcySpicyLeoncie doesn't necessarily improve the sheer brilliance of her performance; like, for instance, that she's a transplanted Icelander of Indian extraction living in Essex—the magic is in the clip and I account for at least 40 of those 109,000 hits.

"Mel Brooks's The Critic": A little bit of elegant simplicity, a few wise cracks, an early work by a major figure, what more could you want?

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