August 02, 2010

Long before one could post videos on the Internet, artists were utilizing the tools available within the Web itself to produce work. This type of work never had a fixed name but was sometimes called Internet Art or In this art form, the browser itself was often used and experimented with—which makes sense, as the browser is the window through which we see and experience the Web.

One of the most well known examples of this structural play is, made by the artist collective Jodi (Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans) in 1995. On first view, the page appears to be a garbled blinking mess. However, viewing the browser's HTML source code unveils an ASCII diagram of an atomic bomb. This artwork cannot exist outside of the browser.

Can there be a similar case for YouTube? In other words, is YouTube just a delivery system for video, or a new context in and of itself? I would argue the latter, as YouTube seems to produce a certain type of video. Just as premium cable enables the distribution of long-form drama series like The Sopranos, YouTube has enabled the viewing of anything from alternative footage from war zones to kittens falling asleep or sliding down a slide—videos that could not exist inside the traditional structure of television. YouTube is like a caulk for TV—filling in the cracks and giving us a little bit of everything.

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Laugh Out Loud
August 13, 2010 4:21 AM
Este blog tiene que ser abierto a todos los idomas del mundo. El mundo del arte es internacional y to have a blog in spanglish o castellano o english should be the same. Hay que utilizar YouTube sin ningun tipo de obstrucciones o censura. Hasta las faltas de ortografia deben ser permitidas. The comments in YouTube are RAW. Estoy de acuerdo en hacer obra que se pueda ver solamente in YOUTUBE but not necessarily in English. La epoca de la dominacion de una escuela de arte de acuerdo al pais ha terminado. Long live! La Ecole de Paris and American Action Painting. Arte como lengua de dialogo sin preoucuparse for the letter n... o the letter f... We are together y juntos podemos hacerlo sin la proteccion del muro blanco y la luz radiante.

[Translation: This blog has to be open to all languages in the world. The art world is international and to have a blog in Spanglish or Castilian or English should be the same. YouTube must be used without any kind of obstruction or censorship. Even the spelling mistakes should be permitted. The comments in YouTube are RAW. I agree to do work that can be seen only on YouTube but not necessarily in English. The time of the domination of an art school according to the country over. Long live La Ecole de Paris and American Action Painting! Art as a language of dialogue without preoccupation of the letter n or the letter f... We are together and together we can do so without the protection of the white wall and the radiant light.]

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