On behalf of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, YouTube, and HP and Intel, we want to congratulate the following artists on being selected for the YouTube Play shortlist: 


 Adam Cooper-Teran, Ero Machina

 Adam Kramer, Pahóm

 Aglaya Kurnosenko, The Iron

 Akino Kondoh, Ladybirds' Requiem

 Alec Donovan, The Fuschia Fits

 Alexandre De Bonrepos, The Coincidental Dreamers

 Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith, Home

 Anna Lundh, Hollywood Internet

 Ari Goldstein, Bedstuy Street Interviews

 Bardac Dragos Mihai, Life Buoy

 Basian Bohm, Bad News – A Media Fiction

 Ben Houge, Shanghai Traces

 Bertand Duten, One Day in Creativity

 Blake Cousins, Star Wars Fan Film Chronicles of Young Skywalker

 Brad Wolfley, Engine Play

 Brandon Rogers, The Tale of Wendylin Wayne

 Brantley Highfill, Continuous Postcard

 Bryce Kretschmann, Auspice

 Capitaine Bernard, A Question of Honour

 Carsten Woike, Car Park

 Charles Todd, Human Mirror

 Chia-Hui Lin, Frame of Imagination

 Chris Cairns, Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

 Chris Cantey, The Final Breaths of a Main Character

 Christen Bach, Bear Untitled

 Cian McKenna, Digital Therapy

 Dahlia Elsayed, Foods

 Dana Haim, A Braided Beaded Balls Suit

 Dandy Noel Gorzynski, Contemporary America

 Daniel Farrera Saldana, Kibble Kat

 Daniel Mercadente, Stoop Sitting

 Darcy Prendergast, Lucky

 Dennis Liu, Sushi

 Ellen Osborne, The Sound of One Tree Clapping

 Erik and Matthew Huber, The Huber Experiments – Vol. 1

 Erik Tostevin, Class Trip

 Eun-Ha Park, Strindberg and Helium at the Beach

 Evelien Lohbeck, Noteboek


 Favela Gold, Language of Love

 Federico Perez Puente, Kiko Pérez


Matthew Young, The City / D&AD

Gary Hesketh, Create Myself

 George Alex Delany, Walking Crowd

 George C. Natal Baez, Screen Action!

 Giuseppe Peronace, L'Amante

 Gregory Scott, Gregory Scott at the Beach

 Harry De Dood, Pasfilm 2000

 Hiroshi Takahashi, Wow Tenspace

 Holger Lowe, Out of Soul

 Iñigo Orduña, Homo Modernus, Tractatus Philosophicus

 Jacob Cooper, Commencer Une Autre Mort

 Jarbas Agnelli, Birds on the Wires

 Jasob Ryan, Acorucopia

 Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Why Do Things Get in a Muddle

 Jeff Gompertz, (We're sorry) your future is no longer available

Jeff Kopas, Dogasaur

Jeff Zischke, Self Portrait Artist as Artist

 Jennifer Shahade, Hulachess

 Jerry Levitan, I Met the Walrus

 Jesse Suchmann, Meme Remix – Mix Tape

 Jeth Weinrich, Man on a Rock

 Jillian Mayer, Scenic Jogging

 Joe McGowan, Nigel

 Joe Penna, Guitar: Impossible

 Jose Ramon Vicente S. Del Prado, Save Me!!!

 Joshua Bienko, TehChing Hsieh and LeWitt, Sol

 Joshua Bricker, Post Newtonianism

 Keith Loutit, Bathtub IV

 Kristofer Strom, Minilogue – Animals

 L. Ashwyn Collins, Remake

 Latham Zearfoss, Myth of My Ancestors

 Leor Grady, In Order of Appearance

 Lernert Engelberts, Revenge

 Lindsay Scoggins, Wonderland Mafia

 Lisa Byrne, Stand Up and Cry Like a Man

 Louis Hudson, Don't Touch!

 Marcel Rudigkeit, Nice to Meet You

 Mark Hamilton Gruchy, Continuum

 Martin Kohout, Moonwalk

 Martin Schmidt, Precise Peter

 Matt Kreslin, Seventeen

 Maya Stocks, A Door Opens

 Michael Amin, Bang Bang Eche

 Michael Banowetz and Noah Sodano, This Aborted Earth: The Quest Begins

 Michael Wong, Mike Relm vs. Zoetrope

 Monica Cook, Deuce


 Nick Bertke, Gardyn

 Nick Poe, The Powers of Katsu

 Nicolas Myers, Built-in Obsolescence

 Nicole Duquette, Dreamscape

 Niels Hoebers, Walter, A Dialogue with the Imagination

 Nikolas Jaeger, The River

 Niles Atallah, Joaquin Cocina Varas, and Cristobal Leon, Luis

 Oded Korach and Yossi Assulin Cat Food

 Ophin Kutiel, Kutiman – Thru-you – 01 – Mother of All Funk Chords

 Paula Assadourian, The Light Pressure of a Thought

 Perry Bard, Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake

 PES,Western Spaghetti

 Pete Smolin, OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

 Pierre-Axel Vuillaure-Prézeau, Le Syndrome du Timide

 Pinky & Bunny, We Love Museums... Do Museums Love Us Back?

 Raven Thibodeaux, Epilogue

 Remi Weekes and Luke White, Seaweed

 Robbie Cribbs, Wire Animations

 Roman Shaburanov, Give Peace a Dance

 Russell Shaw Higgs, 999 Days

 Sabatier Benjamin, Hard Rain

 Saher Behrooznia, Sketch Adventure!

 Sam Sulmont, Sounds in the Key of Z

 Sean Metelerkamp and Stewart Ridgway, Die Antwoord – Zef Side

 Shalhevet Reinman-Adler, Self Completion

 Shih-Ting Hung, Viola

 Sjors Vervoort, Cardboard

 Sterling "Pache" Sweeney, Mars to Jupiter

 Steve Scott and Will Sweeney, Birdy Nam Nam – The Parachute Endings

 Tadas Vidmantas, Some of My Dreams

 Terri Timely, Synesthesia

 Tiffany Shlain, Yelp

 Tomas Redigh, Rymdreglage

 Tommy Wallach, Whisper

 Torlando Hakes, A Hunger Artist ft. DM Stith – Thanksgiving Moon

 William Witte, Upload Me

 Yanni Kronenberg, Autumn Story

 Zach Cohen, The Chair Not Taken

 Zachary Kinney, ILLEGAL DRUGS

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