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Surfer Shelter
By Willem Marais
From: Pretoria, South Africa
Shelter location: United States
Surfer's Shelter
By Matías Gatti
From: Montevideo, Uruguay
Shelter location: Uruguay
By Philip Inthasan
From: Brisbane, Australia
Shelter location: Australia
Tara Shelter_Serbia
By Bratislav Brankovic
From: Belgrade, Serbia
Shelter location: Serbia
By Boyuan Zhang
From: Beijing, China
Shelter location: China
Tent City Shelter
By Connor Irick
From: Seattle, United States
Shelter location: United States
Tent Shelter
By Rosana Debiasi
From: Florianopolis, Brazil
Shelter location: Brazil
By Cruz Criollo
From: Caracas, Venezuela
Shelter location: Venezuela
By Diana Prathap
From: Carmel, United States
Shelter location: India
The 100sqft Vacation Shelter
By Javier Cuevas
From: Miami, United States
Shelter location: United States
The Banyan Pavilion
By Andre James
From: Fort Lauderdale, United States
Shelter location: Trinidad and Tobago
The Buoy
By Jorge Eliseo Muñiz Gutierrez
From: Mexicali, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
The Butterfly Shelter
By Marta Balcerzak
From: Nicosia, Cyprus
Shelter location: Nigeria
The CONN-vide Shelter
By Sky Lo Tian Tian
From: Singapore, Singapore
Shelter location: Singapore
The Container
By Ana Mercedes Borrell
From: Panama City, Panama
Shelter location: Panama
The Creative Box
By Giovanni Brioschi
From: Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
Shelter location: Greece
The Curve
By Agostina Ramirez
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Shelter location: Argentina
The Dewdrop
By Harish Kumar Jain
From: Jaipur, India
Shelter location: United Kingdom
The Doctor's Place
By Thomas Lee
From: Richmond, Canada
Shelter location: Niger
The Eagle's Nest
By Matthew Tehan
From: Blacksburg, United States
Shelter location: United States

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