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La Piedra
By eDL exponential design lab
From: Montevideo, Uruguay
Shelter location: Uruguay
La simplicidad de la vida
By Victoria Codrington
From: Chatham, NJ, United States
Shelter location: Mexico
La Ventanilla Ecological Station
By Maribel Zerecero
From: Mexico City, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
La Volière (The Aviary)
From: SOUSTONS, France
Shelter location: France
Lagoa Azul Shelter: Between Water and Sky
By David Huang
From: Boston, United States
Shelter location: Brazil
Lake Shelter
By Yuri Teixeira e Sousa
From: São Paulo, Brazil
Shelter location: Myanmar (Burma)
Lake Shelter DR
By Tomás Tezanos
From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Shelter location: Dominican Republic
Lake Shelter DR
By Aline  Anaya
From: Jundiaí, Brazil
Shelter location: Canada
By Emerson Ramos
From: Singapore, Singapore
Shelter location: Singapore
Leaf Litter
By Sasi Srisopon
From: Bangkok, Thailand
Shelter location: Thailand
Lens shelter
By Gustavo Daniel Requelme
From: Cordoba, Argentina
Shelter location: Argentina
Leonardo Shelter
By Guido Guazzo
From: Spilimbergo, Italy
Shelter location: Italy
Liberty Shelter
By Jorge Rodrigo Rodriguez
From: Mexico City, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
Life: Lite Shelter Retreat
By Albert Ewan
From: Cramlington, United Kingdom
Shelter location: United Kingdom
Lifeguard(ian) Shelter
By Jorge Hall
From: Porto, Portugal
Shelter location: Portugal
Light and books
By David de Andres Sanchez
From: Valencia, Spain
Shelter location: Poland
Link to Nature Shelter
By Philip Dang
From: Chatenay Malabry, France
Shelter location: France
Litoral Coast Shelter
By Natalia Schenfeld
From: Santa Fe, Argentina
Shelter location: Argentina
Living in the East & West Connection
By Yasin Toparlar
From: Istanbul, Turkey
Shelter location: Turkey
By Jevgenijs Busins
From: Riga, Latvia
Shelter location: United States

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