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By Kevin Brown
From: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Shelter location: United Kingdom
Eno Shelter
By Jonathan  Dowse
From: Chapel Hill, United States
Shelter location: United States
enso.12: The New Pulse of Rejuvenation
By Dennis W.H. Ng
From: Markham, Canada
Shelter location: United States
Esja Mountain Skýli, Iceland
By Matthew Schexnyder
From: Reykjavik, Iceland
Shelter location: Iceland
F.W.v02 - Frozen Water
By Kai Lun Chua
From: Melbourne, Australia
Shelter location: Iceland
Farer's Shelter
By J. Domingo Núñez
From: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Shelter location: Spain
Fijian Getaway
By Sean  Pelto DiVincenzo
From: Phoenix, United States
Shelter location: Fiji
By Martin F. Herrera
From: Buenos Aires (Cap. Fed.), Argentina
Shelter location: Argentina
Flatpack Structure
By Ruwan Fernando
From: Brisbane, Australia
Shelter location: New Zealand
Flexible Shelter
By Mauricio Bravo Coral
From: Bogota D.C., Colombia
Shelter location: Colombia
Floatable Treeshelter
By Jarrod  Crawford
From: Logan, United States
Shelter location: United States
Floating Living
By Susana Soto
From: San Jose, Costa Rica
Shelter location: Costa Rica
Flying Tent
By Phuong Pham
From: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Shelter location: Vietnam
Foldable Shelter for Cold Climate
By Neeraj Verma
From: Noida, India
Shelter location: India
Forest's Shelter
By Andrea Soto Serna
From: Lima, Peru
Shelter location: Peru
Fragmented Box
By Ariel Gualtruzzi
From: Santa Fe, Argentina
Shelter location: United Kingdom
From Open Ocean to Oyster Bay
By Leslie Katheryn Gubelman
From: Guadalajara, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
By Amaury Perez
From: Torreon, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
Gatun Lake Shelter
By Tony Tiniacos
From: Panama City, Panama
Shelter location: Panama
By Anuj Kumar Soni
From: Delhi, India
Shelter location: India

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