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Water Fall Proof Shelter (WFP-SH)
Designed by Ricardo Daniel  Diaz Garcia

From: Villa de Alvarez, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
Date accepted: August 25, 2009

Shelter is located in the state of Colima, Mexico, province of Mintatitlán, where a waterfall exists. The waterfall, the naturally water-carved stones in form abstraction, make the concept of this shelter. It protects the temperature gain by shading and closing and making irregular angles to the west-south, while in the north east side, either it's opened or closed, it's all clear so it's easy to enjoy the magnificent view, and to heat up after the cold night.

Water Fall Proof Shelter (WFP-SH)
Water Fall Proof Shelter (WFP-SH)
Water Fall Proof Shelter (WFP-SH)

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