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Vineyard Shelter
By Mikula Platz
From: Bensberg, Germany
Shelter location: Germany
By Alexander  Jensen
From: Aarhus, Denmark
Shelter location: Denmark
Vortex Shelter
By Josefina Andrea Paredes Wood
From: Viña del mar, Chile
Shelter location: Chile
WABI-MOKKI: Emerald Bay Revisited
By Michael Hootman
From: Lincoln, United States
Shelter location: United States
Wall Shelter
By Ryan Lockett
From: Raleigh, NC, United States
Shelter location: Spain
Warm Weather Shelter
By Jon Swift
From: Thousand Oaks, United States
Shelter location: Senegal
Waste-Pickers Shelter
By Alexander Niño Ruiz
From: Grosuplje, Slovenia
Shelter location: Colombia
Water Fall Proof Shelter (WFP-SH)
By Ricardo Daniel  Diaz Garcia
From: Villa de Alvarez, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
Wave of Earth
By Matthew Clarke
From: Oak Park, United States
Shelter location: United States
Wave Shelter
By Jonathan  Dowse
From: Chapel Hill, United States
Shelter location: United States
Wayu Shelter
By Mauricio Mogollón
From: Ibagué, Colombia
Shelter location: Colombia
By Matthew  Kidd
From: Huntley, United States
Shelter location: Morocco
WFH N.Cal Micro-Cottage
By Martin Taylor
From: San Francisco, United States
Shelter location: United States
Whale Bone Shelter
By Pall Heimir Palsson
From: Reykjavik, Iceland
Shelter location: Iceland
Where my interior arises
By Emanuel Alberto Garabello
From: Cordoba, Argentina
Shelter location: Argentina
Widow's Walk
By Yoonsun Chang
From: Toronto, Canada
Shelter location: Canada
By Jacqueline Winnen
From: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Shelter location: Netherlands
By Jorge Alejandro Gallardo Miller
From: Panama City, Panama
Shelter location: Costa Rica
WINE shelter
By Niklas hinsch
From: Berlin, Germany
Shelter location: Germany
Wine, Cheese & Place to Sleep
By Roman Malantchouk
From: Livingston, United States
Shelter location: United States

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