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Pseudonym - Closed to be Open
By Mette Bos
From: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Shelter location: Netherlands
R O S H E LL T E R_2 0 0 9
By Steven Spanjersberg
From: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Shelter location: Netherlands
Rabisha Lake Shelter
By Georgi Antonov
From: Sofia, Bulgaria
Shelter location: Bulgaria
Rainbow Shelter
By Michael Yager
From: Glendale, United States
Shelter location: United States
By Oscar Ontiveros
From: Puebla, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
Rainforest Retreat
By Simon  Woodward
From: Norwich, United Kingdom
Shelter location: United Kingdom
By Hugo Cunha
From: Coimbra, Portugal
Shelter location: Japan
Recreational House in Art Park
By Zhenhuan Yang
From: Tsingtao, China, People’s Republic of
Shelter location: China, People’s Republic of
Red Canyon Shelter
By Jonathan  Dowse
From: Chapel Hill, United States
Shelter location: United States
Red Light Shleter
By Goso Tominaga
From: Tokyo, Japan
Shelter location: Tokyo
Red River Cube3
By Anh Tuan Le
From: Hanoi, Vietnam
Shelter location: Vietnam
Red Shelter
By Sonia Battistel
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Shelter location: Argentina
Refuge of the Panama Canal
By Juan Lam
From: Panama City, Panama
Shelter location: Panama
Refugee Shelter
By Clelia Iori
From: Toronto, Canada
Shelter location: Kenya
Refugio Las Victorias
By Byron Estuardo  Lopez Archila
From: Coban Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
Shelter location: Guatemala
By Alfredo Jair Diaz Sanchez
From: Toluca, Mexico
Shelter location: Mexico
By Ludovica Rogers
From: Milan, Italy
Shelter location: Italy
Restpod... A retreat from the highway.
By Thomas Cooper
From: Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom
Shelter location: United Kingdom
Retractable Snail Shell-Ter
By Andra Berrio
From: Panama City, Panama
Shelter location: Panama
By Gergely Kukucska
From: Budapest , Hungary
Shelter location: Hungary

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