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Q: What kinds of comments will be posted to the forum?
A: The museum would like to elicit comments representing a wide range of views that relate directly to the ongoing dialogue in the forum. Comments should be thoughtful, concise, and polite, and no abusive commentary will be permitted. Once a comment is posted, it cannot be edited or retracted by its author.

Q: Why are comments moderated?
A: By reviewing comments, we ensure that they contain substantive remarks that advance the conversation taking place. Our goal is to provide visitors to the forum clear, intelligent commentary that will engage and inform. Any repetitious comments, either by the same or different participants, may be omitted to streamline the discussion and keep the commentary fresh.

Q: Are comments edited?
A: Comments accepted for posting will not be edited, though we reserve the right to verify and make accurate quotes or excerpted material. We may also correct obvious typographic errors.

Q: When will my comment appear online?
A: Comments will be posted during business hours. There will be a delay between submission and posting, and not all comments submitted will be posted.

Comments that are critical of the Guggenheim
We welcome all opinions, but those offered in the forum should relate directly to the ongoing discussion rather than to museum policy or other subjects.

A note about Live Chats
At certain times, Guggenheim Forum will host live, moderated chats. During Live Chats, submissions will be posted with limited delay. Participants are requested to stay on topic and advance the discussion. We reserve the right to block users and delete comments for reasons including obscenity and abusive or antisocial behavior. For more information, see our full Terms and Conditions.

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