Satire, Critique, Provocation, Propaganda: Session 2


Julian Stallabrass

Writer, curator, and reader at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London


Francisco Goldman

Novelist and journalist

Jennie Hirsh

Professor of Art History, Theory and Criticism, Maryland Institute College of Art

Martha Rosler

Artist and writer


Livia Tedesco wrote :

I’m very impressed by the variety of discussion you all have so far generated. And in fact this variety leads me to my point or question. I feel almost as if each of the panelists is speaking a different language, their perspectives are so different. And to me, this variety suggests one of the difficulties both in organizing the Left (or organizing any political movement, probably) and in looking at the relationship between art and politics. It’s endlessly fascinating and can be dissected from multiple viewpoints, but where does the intellection lead? Is there a path that doesn’t seem either Panglossian or on the other hand to do away with art that has formalist motivations?
Livia Tedesco posted on 11/17/10

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