The Syllabus

Robert Mangold

Robert Mangold

Contributions by Diane Waldman
Published in 1971
44 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 7.50 x 8.50 inches

This compact catalogue includes an essay by Diane Waldman which demystifies the motivations behind Minimalism and details Robert Mangold's artistic concerns. An illustrated exhibition checklist, in color and black and white, as well as a bibliography, an exhibition history, and a brief biography accompanying Waldman's essay.


Initially Mangold used a quarter or a half circle. He retained the sprayed oil surface that he first developed in 1964 but his color became less atmospheric as he curtailed the shift in hues in favor of tonal gradation of one color. Mangold's use of the spray gun can be seen as an extension of the Minimalists' interest in depersonalizing the mark, but he has managed to produce a surface that is highly individual if not self-expressive.

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