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Gauguin and the Decorative Style

Gauguin and the Decorative Style

Contributions by Lawrence Alloway and Marilyn Hunt
Published in 1966
48 pages, fully illustrated


The influence of one artist on another is usually discussed from the receiving end, as, for example, in the study of Gauguin it is necessary to discuss Pissarro's influence on his early work. In this exhibition, however, an artist's influence is presented centrifugally, beginning with the initiating artist and proceeding outwards to the artists whom, in various ways, he influenced. This exhibition is neither comprehensive nor fully consistent but, taken as a whole, it reveals major aspects of Gauguin's art and influence. By stressing what the museum has called "the decorative style," it is possible to trace the expansion of an artist's power, first to his friends, later to strangers; first to his contemporaries and later to their descendants.

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