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František Kupka, 1871–1957: A Retrospective

František Kupka, 1871–1957: A Retrospective

Contributions by Meda Mladek and Margit Rowell
Published in 1975
328 pages, fully illustrated

Although the Czech artist František Kupka (1871–1957) resisted being associated with any artistic school or trend, his work crossed several artistic styles over his lifetime, from Symbolism to Orphism. The catalogue accompanying the 1975 retrospective exhibition features a broad selection of his work—from his early paintings and commercial illustrations to his later abstract work—accompanied by provenance, exhibition histories, and entries. The catalogue includes extensive essays by curators Margit Rowell and Meda Mladek, both color and black-and-white reproductions, and a detailed chronology of Kupka's life. 


For Kupka, the artist's role is to decipher the idea inherent in the phenomena of perceptual experience, and to present concrete forms where the idea is clearly visible. Thus Kupka aspired to an imagery in which the richness of sensuous presence, a clarity of structure, and rhythmic implications of dynamic change would simultaneously express the true nature of experience in both physical and metaphysical terms.

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