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Hilla Rebay

Hilla Rebay

Elise Ruffini
Published in 1948
24 pages, fully illustrated

Artist, patron, and founding director and curator of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting, Hilla Rebay was hailed by her contemporaries as artistic guide of the era. This 1948 catalogue accompanied an exhibition displaying 38 years of her work in watercolor and collage. Complete with an introduction by Elise Ruffini, select reproductions in black and white, an exhibition checklist, and quotes from critics and Rebay herself, the catalogue offers a unique insight into Rebay’s oeuvre and contemporary reception.


As a painter, Hilla Rebay progressed through the several phases of painting by way of academism, expressionism, cubism, and abstraction; she finally attained fulfillment in Non-Objectivity. This, she considers the sole expression of Art for the coming “rhythmic spiritual era,” which is so much in contrast to the bygone epochs of materialistic static reproduction. A procession of painting which, though increasing in quality of workmanship and volume, embodied no spiritual advance, since the time of the caveman's first imitative wall designs.

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