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Richard Prince

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Richard Prince

Contributions by Jack Bankowsky, John Dogg, Glenn O'Brien, and Nancy Spector
Published in 2007
372 pages, fully illustrated
Hardcover, 8 x 11 inches

Richard Prince has been at the forefront of the most innovative art being produced in the United States over the past thirty years, single handedly ushering in an entirely new, critical approach to art making—one that questioned notions of originality and the privileged status of the unique aesthetic object while simultaneously embracing and critiquing a quintessentially American sensibility: the Marlboro Man, muscle cars, biker chicks, off-color jokes, gag cartoons, and pulp-fiction novels.

This fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the traveling retrospective, Richard Prince: Spiritual America, organized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, which is the most comprehensive examination of the artist’s work to date. Highlighting key examples from Prince’s oeuvre in addition to work created specifically for the exhibition, the catalogue features a critical overview by Nancy Spector, Chief Curator of Contemporary Art and Director of Curatorial Affairs at the Guggenheim Museum, and an essay by Jack Bankowsky discussing the artist’s environmental installations. In addition, Glenn O’Brien conducts a series of interviews with individuals such as Annie Proulx, Phyllis Diller, John Waters, Michael Ovitz, Kim Gordon, and Robert Mankoff, among many others, forming a composite portrait of the artist’s themes and providing an insider’s view of the formation of mass-cultural taste.

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