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Ten Young Artists: Theodoron Awards

Ten Young Artists: Theodoron Awards

Contributions by Thomas M. Messer, Linda Shearer, and Diane Waldman
Published in 1971
24 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 7.50 x 8.50 inches

This catalogue accompanied the second exhibition of the Theodoron Awards, an award series that was established to assist the Guggenheim in acquiring the work of promising young artists. In this iteration, ten United States based artists—Power Boothe, Ron Cooper, Billy Bryant Copley, Mary Corse, Guy Dill, Andrew Gerndt, Harriet Korman, Dona Nelson, Michael Singer, and George Trakas—are featured with short descriptions, exhibition histories, and black-and-white images of their work.


Monochrome painting has developed in two basic directions: the intuitive and the meditative; the conceptual and the structural. Gerndt's work partakes of the latter; he has often employed a repetitive format, as well as changes in scale, and has frequently painted the extreme edges of the support. Therefore, observing one of these canvases, the viewer is not drawn into space, but rather he is confronted by the holistic blank image and then drawn out to the edges and beyond—either to the adjacent panel or to an awareness of the wall itself.

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