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Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance

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Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance

Edited by Jennifer Blessing with contributions by Blessing, Peggy Phelan, Lisa Saltzman, Nancy Spector, and Nat Trotman
Published in 2010
208 pages with 160 color illustrations
Hardcover and softcover, 9 x 11 inches
English, French, and Spanish editions

Much of contemporary photography and video seems haunted by the past, by ghostly apparitions that are reanimated in reproductive media, as well as in live performance and the virtual world. By using dated, passé, or quasi-extinct stylistic devices, subject matter, and technologies, this art embodies a melancholic longing for an otherwise irrecuperable past. Haunted examines the myriad ways photographic imagery is incorporated into recent practice and in the process underscores the unique power of reproductive media while documenting a widespread contemporary obsession with accessing the past. The works included in the exhibition range from individual photographs and photographic series, to sculptures and paintings that incorporate photographic elements, to videos, film, performance, and site-specific installations. Drawn primarily from the Guggenheim collection, Haunted features recent acquisitions, many of which will be exhibited by the museum for the first time. Includes artists such as Marina Abramović, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Sophie Calle, Gregory Crewdson, Tacita Dean, Stan Douglas, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Roni Horn, Zoe Leonard, Robert Rauschenberg, Cindy Sherman, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jeff Wall, and Andy Warhol. A significant part of the exhibition will be dedicated to work created since 2001 by younger artists.

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Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance 

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