Guggenheim Publications 1937–2015

Moving Pictures: Contemporary Photography and Video from the Guggenheim Museum Collections. Exh. cat. Edited by Lisa Dennison, Nancy Spector, and Joan Young. Introduction by Lisa Dennison, Nancy Spector, and Joan Young; essays by John Hanhardt and Nancy Spector. 228 pages.

A Century of Painting: From Renoir to Rothko. Exh. cat. Introduction by Thomas Krens and Germano Celant. 128 pages.

Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience. Exh. cat. Essays by Susan Cross and Christine Hoffmann. 72 pages. English and German bilingual edition.

From Picasso to Pollock: Classics of Modern Art. Exh. cat. Introduction by Lisa Dennison. 176 pages.

American Pop Icons. Exh. cat. Essay by Susan Davidson. 136 pages.

James Rosenquist: A Retrospective. Exh. cat. Edited by Walter Hopps and Sarah Bancroft. Essays by Walter Hopps, Julia Blaut, and Ruth E. Fine; texts by Sarah Bancroft, Chris Balsiger, Michelle Harewood, and Eugene E. Epstein; chronology, by Sarah Bancroft; exhibition history and selected bibliography compiled by Sarah Bancroft with Janice Yang. 444 pages.
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Permanence through Change: The Variable Media Approach. Edited by Alain Depocas, Jon Ippolito, and Caitlin Jones. Introductions by John G. Hanhardt and Bruce Sterling; texts by Richard Rinehart, Tiffany Ludwig, Thomas Mulready, Alena Williams, Steve Dietz, Jon Ippolito, Carol Stringari, Caitlin Jones, and Alain Depocas. 138 pages. English and French bilingual edition. Published with the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology.

Matthew Barney: The Order. Text by Nancy Spector, Joan Young, and Kelly O’Brien. 32 pages.

Tom Sachs: Nutsy’s. Exh. cat. Edited by John G. Hanhardt and Maria-Christina Villaseñor. Essays by John Hanhardt and Maria-Christina Villaseñor and Glenn O’Brien; interview by Maria-Christina Villaseñor. 136 pages. English and German editions.

Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism. Exh. cat. Edited by Matthew Drutt. Essays by Matthew Drutt, Jean-Claude Marcadé, Nina Gurianova, Vasilii Rakitin, Tatiana Mikhienko, Yevgenia Petrova; letters and documents by Kazimir Malevich; exhibition history by Matthew Drutt. 272 pages. English and German editions.

Gerhard Richter: Eight Gray 2002. Exh. cat. Edited by Benjamin Buchloh. Essay by Benjamin Buchloh. 128 pages. English and German editions.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum: An Architectural Appreciation. 76 pages.
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The Hugo Boss Prize: 2002. Exh. cat. Introduction by Susan Cross; essays by Nico Israel, James Rondeau, Yuko Hasegawa, Maria-Christina Villaseñor, Francesco Bonami, and Jörg Heiser. 110 pages.

Art Through the Ages: Masterpieces of Painting from Titian to Picasso. Exh. cat. Essays by Thomas Krens, Liudmila Kagané, and Karl Shütz. 176 pages.

Bill Viola: Going Forth By Day. Exh. cat. Interview by John G. Hanhardt; writings by Bill Viola. 128 pages. English and German editions.

Bill Viola: Going Forth By Day Process/Prozess. Exh. cat. Interview by John G. Hanhardt; writings by Bill Viola. 82 pages. English and German bilingual edition.

Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle. Exh. cat. Edited by Nancy Spector. Essays by Nancy Spector and Neville Wakefield; interviews by Nancy Spector and Joan Young; film credits, list of works, exhibition history, bibliography, and screening history compiled by Nat Trotman and Joan Young. 528 pages. English and German editions.

Matthew Barney: Cremaster 3. Edited by Matthew Barney. 204 pages.

Brazil: Body and Soul. Exh. cat. Edited by Edward J. Sullivan. Essays by Edward J. Sullivan, Michael M. Hall, Roberto DaMatta, José António B. Fernandes-Dias, Rebecca Parker Brienen, Affonso Ávila, Cristina Ávila, Augusto C. da Silva Telles, Emanoel Araújo, Juana Elbein dos Santos, Maria Lucia Montes, Haroldo de Campos, Icleia Maria Borsa Cattani, Maria Alice Milliet, Agnaldo Farias, Nelson Aguilar, Germano Celant, David K. Underwood, James Holston, Hugo Segawa, Robert Stam, and Ismail Xavier; bibliography compiled by Miriam Basilio. 618 pages.

Frank Gehry, Architect. Exh. cat. Edited by J. Fiona Ragheb. Essays by Mildred Friedman, J. Fiona Ragheb, Beatriz Colomina, Jean-Louis Cohen, and William J. Mitchell. 392 pages. English and Spanish editions.

Guggenheim Museum Collection: A to Z (second, revised edition). Edited by Nancy Spector. Entries by Bridget Alsdorf, Jan Avgikos, Jennifer Blessing, Matthew Drutt, Cornelia Lauf, J. Fiona Ragheb, Nancy Spector. 392 pages.

Masterpieces and Master Collectors: Impressionist and Early Modern Paintings from the Hermitage and Guggenheim Museums. Exh. cat. Essays by Albert Kostenevich and Lisa Dennison. 212 pages.

On the Sublime: Mark Rothko, Yves Klein, James Turrell. Exh cat. Essays by Tracey Bashkoff, Robert Rosenblum, Thomas McEvilley, and Frances Richard. 136 pages. English and German editions.

Rachel Whiteread: Transient Spaces. Exh .cat. Essays by Lisa Dennison, Beatriz Colmonina; fiction piece by A. M. Homes; interview by Craig Houser. 168 pages. English and German editions.

The Sultan’s Signature: Ottoman Calligraphy from the Sakip Sabanci Museum, Sabanci University, Istanbul. M. Ugur Derman. 212 pages. English, German, and Turkish editions.

Thannhauser: The Thannhauser Collection of the Guggenheim Museum. Edited by Matthew Drutt. Essays by Colin B. Bailey, Albert Boime, Beth Archer Brombert, Anne F. Collins, Ann Dumas, Matthew Drutt, Elizabeth W. Easton, Michael FitzGerald, Jack Flam, Fred Licht, Joachim Pissarro, Theodore Reff, Robert Rosenblum, Richard Shiff, Belinda Thomson, Paul Tucker, and Mary Weaver. 320 pages.

Giorgio Armani. Exh. cat. Preface by Thomas Krens; essays by Germano Celant,  Natalia Aspesi, Marshall Blonsky with Edmundo Desnoes, Hamish Bowles, Suzy Menkes, Franca Sozzani, Patrick McCarthy, Susan Cross, Catherine Perry, Caroline Rennolds Milbank, Donald Albrecht, Andrea Branzi, Lisa Panzera, Valerie Steele, Karole Vail, Alberto Abruzzese; notes for a screenplay by Martin Scorsese and Jay Cocks; interview with Giorgio Armani by Ingrid Sischy; chronology by Karole Vail; selected bibliography by Ilaria Dupré. English and Spanish editions.

Jeff Koons: Easyfun-Ethereal. Exh. cat. Foreword by Dr. Rolf-E. Breuer; preface and acknowledgments by Thomas Krens; interview with Jeff Koons by David Sylvester; essay by Robert Rosenblum. 80 pages. English and German editions.

Sugimoto: Portraits. Exh. cat. Essays by Nancy Spector,, Carol Armstrong, Norman Bryson, Thomas Kellein; interview with Hiroshi Sugimoto by Tracey Bashkoff. 170 pages. English and German editions.

Lawrence Weiner: NACHALLES/AFTERALL. Exh. cat. Postscript by Lisa Dennison and Nancy Spector. 96 pages. English/German edition.

The Worlds of Nam June Paik. Exh. cat. John G. Hanhardt.  292 pages. English, Spanish, and Korean editions.

The Hugo Boss Prize: 2000. Exh. cat. Essays by Thyrza Nichols Goodeve, Jan Avgikos, Alison Gingeras, Ralph Rugoff, Klaus Kertess, Francesco Bonami, and Octavio Zaya. 104 pages.

Jim Dine: Walking Memory, 1959–1969. Exh. cat. Essays by Germano Celant, Clare Bell, Julia Blaut; interview with Jim Dine by Clare Bell and Germano Celant; chronology and bibliography by Kara Vander Weg. 246 pages.

Anni Albers. Exh. cat. Introduction by Nicholas Fox Weber; essays by Virginia Gardner Troy, Jean-Paul Leclercq, Kelly Feeney, and Pandora Tabatabai Asbaghi; text by  Anni Albers. 184 pages. English and Italian editions.

Richard Serra: Escultura 1985–1999. Exh. cat. Essay by Hal Foster; interview with Richard Serra by David Sylvester; edited by Russell Ferguson, Anthony McCall, and Clara Weyergraf-Serra. 256 pages. In Spanish.

Surrealism: Two Private Eyes, The Nesuhi Ertegun and Daniel Filipacchi Collections. Exh. cat. Essays by Timothy Baum, José Pierre, Werner Spies, Rosalind E. Krauss, Jean Toulet; interview with Daniel Filipacchi by David Sylvester; biographies by Jacques Baron. 894 pages (2 volumes).

Amazons of the Avant-Garde. Exh. cat. Introduction by Matthew Drutt; essays by John E. Bowlt, Charlotte Douglas, Laura Engelstein, Olga Matich, Nicoletta Misler, Ekaterina Dyogot, Georgii Kovalenko, Jane A. Sharp, Natalia Adaskina and Dmitrii Sarabianov, Nina Gurianova, Alexander Lavrentiev, Vasilii Rakitin. 366 pages. English, German,Italian, Russian, and Spanish editions.

Clemente. Exh. cat. Essays by Lisa Dennison, Gita Mehta, Ettore Sottsass, Robert Creeley, Jyotindra Jain, Gus Van Sant, Francesco Pellizzi, Raymond Foye, Rene Ricard; entries by Craig Houser; poems by Robert Creeley, Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg; exhibition history by Melanie Mariño.  English and Spanish editions.

Andy Warhol: A Factory. Exh. cat. Introduction by Thomas Krens; essay by Germano Celant. German and Spanish editions. 600 pages.

Dan Flavin: The Architecture of Light. Exh. cat.  Introduction by J. Fiona Ragheb; essays by Joseph Kosuth, Frances Colpitt, Michael Govan, Brydon E. Smith, Jonathan Crary, Tiffany Bell, Michael Newman; writings by Dan Flavin; biography by Kara Vander Weg. 96 pages. English and German editions.

After Mountains and Sea: Frankenthaler 1956–1959. Exh. cat. Essays by Julia Brown and Susan Cross, interview between Helen Frankenthaler and Brown. 96 pages. English, Spanish, and German editions.

The Art of the Motorcycle. Exh. cat. Edited by Matthew Drutt. Essays by Charles M. Falco, Dennis Hopper, Melissa Holbrook Pierson, Ted Polhemus, Ikuya Sato, Art Simon, Mark C. Taylor and José Márquez, and Hunter S. Thompson. 432 pages. English, German, and Spanish editions.

A Century in Crisis: Modernity and Tradition in the Art of Twentieth-Century China. Exh. cat. By Julia F. Andrews and Kuiyi Shen. Essays by Jonathan Spence, Shan Guolin, Christina Chu, Xue Yongnian, and Mayching Kao. 336 pages. English and Spanish editions.

China: 5,000 Years, Innovation and Transformation in the Arts. Exh. cat. Selected by Sherman Lee. Introductions by Lee and Zhang Wenbin, essays by Helmut Brinker, James Cahill, Elizabeth Childs-Johnson, Patricia Ebrey, et al. 504 pages. English and Spanish editions.

From Dürer to Rauschenberg: A Quintessence of Drawing, Masterworks from the Albertina and the Guggenheim. Exh. cat. Entries by Fritz Koreny, Erwin Pokorny, Achim Gnann, et al. 312 pages. German and Spanish editions.

Peggy Guggenheim: A Celebration. Exh. cat. By Karole P. B. Vail. Essay by Thomas M. Messer. 160 pages. English and Italian editions.

Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864–1916): Danish Painter of Solitude and Light. Exh. cat. Essays by Robert Rosenblum and Poul Vad. 192 pages.

The Hugo Boss Prize: 1998. Exh. cat, 2 vols. (catalogue and artists’ postcards). Essay by Nancy Spector.

Premises: Invested Spaces in Visual Arts, Architecture & Design from France, 1958–1998. Exh. cat. Edited by Bernard Blistène, Alison M. Gingeras, and Alain Guiheux. Essays by Philippe Abaïzar, Joseph Abram, Dudley Andrew, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Denis Hollier, Sylvère Lotringer, D. N. Rodowick, and Sophie Tasma-Anargyros. 544 pages.

Rendezvous: Masterpieces from the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Guggenheim Museums. Exh. cat. Essays by Bernard Blistène and Lisa Dennison, Yve-Alain Bois, Stanley Cavell, Jean-Louis Cohen, and Mark C. Taylor; texts by Craig Houser; artist biographies and entries edited by Susan Hapgood. 708 pages.

James Rosenquist: The Swimmer in the Econo-mist. Exh. cat. Essay by Judith Goldman, interview between Rosenquist and Robert Rosenblum. 60 pages. English and German editions.


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