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Wassily Kandinsky Memorial

Wassily Kandinsky Memorial

Contributions by V. Agarych and Wassily Kandinsky
Published in 1945
124 pages, fully illustrated

Vasily Kandinsky's close friend Hilla Rebay organized a memorial exhibition for the artist in 1945, months following his death. The accompanying memorial publication contains several essays by Kandinsky, including an autobiography written in 1913 and 1918, and a proposal titled "Schematic Plan of Studies and Work of the Institute of Art and Culture." In addition to biographical notes on the life, development, and last few years of Kandinsky's life, the catalogue also contains several excerpts of letters written between Kandinsky, Solomon R. Guggenheim, and Rebay. These excerpts provide insight to the favorable relationship between the artist and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation during the museum's formative years. Several paintings are reproduced in black and white along with a list of works included in the exhibition.

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