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ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow, 1950s–60s

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ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow, 1950s–60s

Valerie Hillings
Published in 2014
244 pages with 223 color illustrations
Hardcover, 11 x 10 inches

With contributions by Daniel Birnbaum, Edouard Derom, Johan Pas, Dirk Pörschmann, and Margriet Schavemaker

Both a snapshot of a specific group and a portrait of a generation, this title celebrates the pioneering art and the transnational vision advanced by the German artists’ group Zero (1957–66) and a larger network of artists from Europe, Japan, and North and South America. Together, the artists sought to redefine art in the aftermath of World War II and developed their shared vision through artworks, exhibitions, performances, publications, and texts. ZERO explores the establishment of new definitions of painting; the exploration of the themes of light, movement, and space; the interrogation of the relationship between nature, technology, and humankind; and the production of live actions or demonstrations.

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