Sixty Years of Living Architecture

Sixty Years of Living Architecture: The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright
Published in 1953
36 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 8.5 x 8.5 inches

Sixty Years of Living Architecture: The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright opened in New York on October 22, 1953, at the site where the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum would eventually be built. Written by Frank Lloyd Wright and distributed at the exhibition, this publication praises his architectural accomplishments and is illustrated with black-and-white photographs throughout. Several of his better-known buildings are presented alongside illuminations of the methods, materials, and ideas that went into his creations. This concise overview of Wright’s career offers a comprehensive and valuable insight into his ideology and genius.


If our form of society is true to its own nature conscientious independence should prove a proper test of values. By that test alone should any work in the arts survive. Fine-art lives and must eventually stand upon its own. The highest humility. Why not now?

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