Josef Albers: A Retrospective

Josef Albers: A Retrospective

Contributions by Neal Benezra, Mary Emma Harris, Charles E. Rickart, Diane Waldman, and Nicholas Fox Weber
Published in 1988
304 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 8.50 x 10 inches

This collection of texts reconsiders Albers in a larger art historical context and uncovers his vibrancy and independence from traditional modes of abstraction. The catalogue accompanied a posthumous exhibition of Albers work and boasts a wealth of literature as well as over 200 color and black-and-white images from throughout Albers's entire oeuvre. Accompanying these stunning images are essays by Neal Benezra, Mary Emma Harris, Charles E. Rickart, and Nicholas Fox Weber. The catalogue also includes a selected exhibition history, bibliography of works on and by the artist, and a chronology with photographs of the Albers at various stages of life.


Albers's graphic constructions, which consist of highly structured arrangements of line segments in a plane, are by far the easiest of his works to analyze. Though two-dimensional, the line arrangements are such that that they are perceived immediately, by most observers, as representations of three-dimensional objects in space made up of various plane sections. Yet the viewer quickly becomes aware that no such objects can exist in real space.

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