Australian Visions: 1984 Exxon International Exhibition

Australian Visions: 1984 Exxon International Exhibition

Contributions by Memory Holloway and Diane Waldman
Published in 1984
100 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 7.50 x 8.50 inches

This exhibition catalogue explores the work of artists painting in Australia and in the Australian tradition. The diverse work featured shares common threads in subject matter; the eight artists included feature landscapes or play on historic tropes of Western art. Artists are presented with brief biographical information and selected histories and bibliographies. The catalogue also features a foreword by Betty Churcher of the Visual Arts Board, Australia Council, as well as essays by curator Diane Waldman and Australian art historian Memory Holloway.


Inventing Australia has been for over two hundred years a national obsession. Like the United States, Australia has been compelled to invent its own myths to embark on a course that would lead to the final treasure—a clear picture of what Australia is, as a landscape, as a personality. For two hundred years, the treasure chest has been plundered. Every decade or so a new set of bejeweled definitions was carted away as though a final truthful answer to the gnawing question had been found "What is it to be Australian?"

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