Art of tomorrow : fifth catalogue of the Solomon R. Guggenheim collection of non-objective paintings (1939)

Art of Tomorrow: Fifth Catalogue of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Paintings

Hilla Rebay
Published in 1939
184 pages, fully illustrated

The catalogue, which accompanied the exhibition Art of Tomorrow, explores the state of the Solomon R. Guggenheim collection in 1939. The catalogue traces the developments in the collection since the previous publication of the fourth catalogue, and includes an essay on non-objective art, entitled “The Power of Spiritual Rhythm,” written by Hilla Rebay. Several color reproductions of abstract geometric paintings by Rudolf Bauer, whose work also graces the cover of the publication, are included in the catalogue. Four hundred fifteen paintings of the 725 works in the collection are reproduced in black and white along with artist biographies. The collection is clearly delineated between non-objective work and drawings and paintings with an objective departure leaning toward non-objectivity. The list of the complete collection in the catalogue reflects this distinction. 


We live indeed in the most interesting epoch which human beings were ever fortunate to witness—yet we can only benefit from its importance if we are willing to be open-mined and realize the great advance of our times while it is in progress. Those people who only love the styles of past epochs are not giving style and importance to their own period. Afraid to create, they are unimportant, already forgotten while still alive. It is rhythm which molds the character of a special style. Distinguished by rhythm a perfect organization is always beautiful through its harmony. 

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