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New Images from Spain

New Images from Spain

Margit Rowell
Published in 1980
144 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 7.50 x 8.50 inches

Published in 1980, this catalogue highlights nine emerging contemporary Spanish artists, previously unrecognized or not widely known in the United States. The catalogue essay, by Margit Rowell, not only contextualizes contemporary Spanish art as a whole, but also provides a separate analysis of each artist's work. In addition to Rowell's essay, the catalogue includes statements by the artists, selected exhibition histories and bibliographies, and a selection of their works in both color and black and white.


These artists did not wish to be promoted through the official circuits. Fortunately, by the late 1960s and early 1970s private galleries and patrons began to lend their support to the new generation. Spanish art was seen in neutral public places or in private homes, foreign critics traveled to Spain, and these critics and private dealers from abroad began to bring out Spanish art. International exhibitions—no longer considered prestigious and political showcases—asked international juries of critics to review national selections, thereby providing more objective points of view.

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