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Mark Rothko, 1903–1970: A Retrospective

Mark Rothko, 1903–1970: A Retrospective

Contributions by Bernard Malamud, Diane Waldman, and Clair Zamoiski
Published in 1978
296 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 8.50 x 11 inches

The exhibition catalogue for this posthumous show features essays by Diane Waldman and Bernard Malamud, over two hundred images in color and black and white, a comprehensive chronology illustrated with photographs from the artist's life, a list of previous exhibitions, and a comprehensive bibliography. This memorial catalogue celebrates the life and work of the visionary painter eight years after his tragic suicide in 1970. The artist's legacy is preserved in archival photographs, Malamud's recollections, and Waldman's comprehensive biographical essay.


The form and mythic content of archaic art appeared in Rothko's work as early as 1938, when, as we have seen, he started Antigone. By 1941 he and [Adolf] Gottlieb were working closely together to develop and define an art based upon myth. Rothko's close friendship with Gottlieb had begun in the late 1920's. The two held a number of interests and attitudes in common. Both loved primitive art—Gottlieb collected, but Rothko did not, probably because he preferred not to acquire objects. Gottlieb, like Rothko was active as an organizer of or participant in radical groups. And each was intensely concerned with myth.

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