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Contributions by Margit Rowell
Published in 1970
36 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 8.50 x 10 inches

A survey of Wojciech Fangor's Color Field paintings, this catalogue boasts full-color images of all 37 works, which seem to pulsate even in reproduction. The artist's lack of definite contour and attention to chromatic intensity creates this incredible effect. The catalogue also includes a biographical chronology, an introductory essay by Margit Rowell coupled with black-and-white installation shots, an exhibition checklist, a list of past exhibitions, and a selected bibliography.


The interaction of color is the key to Fangor's illusory space. Problems presented by color interaction although not new in the history of art are particularly ambiguous in the context of contemporary art. Albers is, of course, the present-day master of the theory of color interaction, and one of Albers' premises is applied by Fangor: that of equal light intensity. The equal light intensity of two hues, explains Albers in his book Interactions of Color, provokes the dissolution of forms. In comparison to a painter like Albers, Fangor introduces a fourth coefficient to the existing three of pigment, optical imprint and psychic impression. Fangor's fourth is the active density of space located between the eye and the colored surface.

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