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Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward Contributions by Richard Cleary, Neil Levine, Mina Marefat, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, Joseph M. Siry, and Margo Stipe 2009
František Kupka, 1871–1957: A Retrospective Contributions by Meda Mladek and Margit Rowell 1975
From Degas to Calder: Major Sculpture and Works on Paper from the Guggenheim Museum Collection Thomas M. Messer 1984
"From Realism to Symbolism, 1860-1900" Robert Rosenblum 2005
Futurism: A Modern Focus: The Lydia and Harry Lewis Winston Collection, Dr. and Mrs. Barnett Malbin Contributions by Marianne W. Martin and Linda Shearer 1973
Gabriel Orozco: Asterisms Nancy Spector 2012
Gauguin and the Decorative Style Contributions by Lawrence Alloway and Marilyn Hunt 1966
"Gender Trouble in the Amazonian Kingdom: Turn-of-the-Century Representations of Women in Russia" Olga Matich 1999
The Great Upheaval: Modern Art from the Guggenheim Collection, 1910–1918 Edited by Tracey Bashkoff and Megan Fontanella with contributions by Emily D. Bilski, Milton A. Cohen, and Tara Ward 2011
The Guggenheim Collection Contributions by Jennifer Blessing, Julia Brown, Anthony Calnek, Susan Davidson, Lisa Dennison, Matthew Drutt, Michael Govan, Kay Heymer, Ted Mann, and Diane Waldman 2006
"The Guggenheim Forum Reader" Edited by Domenick Ammirati 2013
Guggenheim International Award 1964 Lawrence Alloway 1964
Guggenheim International Award 1960 1960
Guggenheim International Award 1958 James Johnson Sweeney 1958
Guggenheim International Exhibition 1967 Contributions by Edward J. Fry and Thomas M. Messer 1967
Guggenheim International Exhibition, 1971 Contributions by Edward J. Fry and Diane Waldman 1971
Guggenheim Museum Collection: A to Z Edited by Nancy Spector 2001
"The Guggenheim Reader Series: Modern Asian Art" 2013
"The Guggenheim Reader Series: Russia" 2012
The Guggenheim: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Making of the Modern Museum Contributions by Hilary Ballon, Luis Carranza, Pat Kirkham, Neil Levine, Mina Marefat, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, Joseph M. Siry, Nancy Spector, and Margo Stipe 2009
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