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Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918–1936 Edited by Kenneth E. Silver with contributions by Emily Braun, James Herbert, Helen Hsu, and Jeanne Nugent 2010
China: 5,000 Years, Innovation and Transformation in the Arts Contributions by Helmut Brinker, James Cahill, Elizabeth Childs-Johnson, Patricia Ebrey, Sherman Lee, and Zhang Wenbin 1998
Christopher Wool Contributions by Katherine Brinson, Suzanne Hudson, Richard Prince, and James Rondeau 2013
"Claes Oldenburg and the Feeling of Things" Germano Celant 1995
Color Fields Contributions by David Anfam, Richard Armstrong, and Clement Greenberg 2010
Contemporary Japanese Art: Fifth Japan Art Festival Exhibition Contributions by Edward F. Fry 1970
Divisionism/Neo-Impressionism: Arcadia and Anarchy Edited by Vivien Greene with contributions by Giovanna Ginex, Dominique Lobstein, and Aurora Scotti Tosini 2007
"Dressing Up and Dressing Down: The Body of the Avant-Garde" Nicoletta Misler 1999
Edvard Munch Contributions by Johan H. Langaard and Sigurd Willoch 1965
Elements of Modern Painting Thomas M. Messer 1961
The Emergent Decade: Latin American Painters and Painting in the 1960’s Contributions by Cornell Capa and Thomas M. Messer 1966
Emerging Artists 1978–1986: Selections from the Exxon Series Diane Waldman 1987
European Drawings Lawrence Alloway 1966
Eva Hesse: A Memorial Exhibition Contributions by Robert Pincus-Witten and Linda Shearer 1972
Fangor Contributions by Margit Rowell 1970
Felix Gonzalez-Torres Nancy Spector 2007
Felix Gonzalez-Torres: America Contributions by Amada Cruz, Susanne Ghez, Ann Goldstein, and Nancy Spector 2007
Fernand Léger: Five Themes and Variations Thomas M. Messer 1962
Francis Bacon Contributions by Lawrence Alloway and Thomas M. Messer 1963
Francis Picabia William A. Camfield 1970
Photo-Poetics exhibition catalogue

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