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Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts

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Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts

Edited by Susan Davidson with contributions by Trisha Brown and Mimi Thompson
Published in 2009
120 pages with 70 color illustrations
Hardcover, 9 3/4 x 11 inches
English, German, and Italian editions

Published to accompany the Peggy Guggenheim Collection’s exhibition Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts, this fully illustrated catalogue features a select group of approximately forty Robert Rauschenberg sculptures drawn from holdings of institutions and private collections in the United States and abroad. Rauschenberg’s artistic attention turned toward an exploration of the visual properties of metal in the 1980s, when he began assembling found metal objects and screenprinting his photographic images onto aluminum, bronze, brass, and copper. He sought to capture the reflective, textural, sculptural, and thematic possibilities of the material. His first body of work in metal was Gluts, a series of sculptural works he began in 1986 and continued to work on intermittently until 1995. Asked to comment on the meaning of Gluts, Rauschenberg said, “It’s a time of glut. Greed is rampant. I’m just exposing it, trying to wake people up. I simply want to present people with their ruins . . . I think of the Gluts as souvenirs without nostalgia. What they are really meant to do is give people an experience of looking at everything in terms of what its many possibilities might be.” Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts includes a reassessment of Rauschenberg’s work as a sculptor by author and painter Mimi Thompson, an essay by Trisha Brown, and an illustrated exhibition history. Accompanied by a preface by Philip Rylands and an introduction by Susan Davidson that focuses on Rauschenberg’s relationship to the Guggenheim and the artist’s engagement with Venice in particular.

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Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts

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